If you remember back to the days that you visited your grandparents home and they had walking duck boarders and flowered wallpaper on the wall, you may now have an aversion to wallpaper.  But this isn't 1982 anymore and wallpaper and wall coverings have come a long way!

Wallpaper has made a considerable comeback in the last few years and we are seeing it used in many different ways.  Designers are using big bold patterns or creating unique effects that mimic the real thing.  Shiplap isn't just made from wood anymore! 

You can customize your space with an accent wall and then colour match the remaining walls to compliment the space and the furnishings.  We are finding this trend in every room in the house from small powder rooms to funky office spaces to luxurious master bedrooms.

Today's wallpapers are full of texture, pattern, and play with different scale!  Wallpaper can take a well-designed space to the next level.  Let us introduce you to easy-to-apply and -remove York Wall coverings designed with SureStrip, a high performance substrate and special adhesive that allows paper to be applied effortlessly and be removed in full strips.  Yes, full strips...like we said, this isn't your grandma's walking duck pattern any longer.

Clancy's Rainbow has a large selection of look books to help you choose the perfect style for you.  Ask one of our colour consultants to help you choose a complementary Benjamin Moore wall colour. 

****Wallpaper Books Available at our Adelaide Location Only****