Choosing Front Door Colours–Tips on How To Pick The Right Colour

Spring is in the air and you’ve decided that you want to start thinking about finally changing the colour of the front door.  Should you go bold? Maybe blend into the neighbourhood?  Or Pick something that will match the landscaping?  You can choose a plethora of colours from Benjamin Moore.  We have a selection of colours that you can see right in our Exteriors brochure.  Pick one up at our Clancy’s Rainbow store today.

How do you select a the right colour for your door?  You may want to take these factors into consideration:

The Architecture -  Do you live in a modern home with little or now shutters, embellishments or details? You may want to keep the colours neutral and monochrome.  If however, you live in a large Victorian you may want to use contrast to make a bold statement.  Look at the front and the back of your house to see what architectural detail drew you to your house when you first bought it. 


Consider the light – Does your door get full sun in the afternoon or does it sit in the shadows of your pine trees?  Is it hidden away and needs to stand out? Or is it in full view from the curb.  How the light hits it is important to choosing the right shade.  Consider every season always.  You may find that it looks its best in a full summer sun but what does it look like with Christmas lights. 

The colour of the brick or stone -  You may have a ‘deal’ breaker in the brick or stone detail.  You cannot change that so easily so you may want to pick a colour that complements the masonry.  Or you can make bring it up to date by painting it a neutral colour.  If you are a fan of Fixer Upper like we are, you know that they love to paint the brick to bring the house up to a modern 2017 look!

The Landscape -  Do you have a green thumb and love greenery, shrubs and flowers.  Sometimes trying a more organic palette is helpful.  It will blend in with the landscape instead of fighting.  Consider a 2017 Colour Trend selection Guacamole 2144-10 or an earthy Dinner Part AF-300.

Consider the Foyer -  When you walk into your foyer, is the colour on your door consistent with the colour palette outside? I always make sure that when you stand at my front door, all the colours that you see flow.  I have used a colour palette that is consistent and not complementary.  Does the flow from outdoor to indoor feel like its a continuation of your ‘colours’?  Something to consider for certain. 


All images courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co.